Tickets are available for purchase at https://usuo.org/on-demand starting November 26

Purchase your own choral score

G. Schirmer Messiah score or Baerenreiter Messiah Score

Join the Utah Symphony, Utah Opera Resident Artists and Utah Opera Chorus, with promotional support from Riverton Music, for a virtual performance and sing-along of Handel’s "The Messiah." This cherished annual tradition invites all to share in singing Handel’s masterpiece with the Utah Symphony. Gather your family, your score, and join in the majesty of Handel’s Messiah.

We invite you to watch in the comfort of your own home to join us for this event, which will be conveniently available for on demand viewing from November 26 through December 26, 2020. The best part about the Messiah Sing-In is that it is as easy as watching YouTube. All you need is an internet connection, speakers strong enough so that people can hear while they are singing, and a monitor.

Schedule your own event  The Messiah concert is available via:

  • On Demand Stream: USUO’s Virtual Messiah Sing-in concert is available via USUO On Demand. Streaming of the concert is available from November 26 through December 26, 2020. Tickets are available for purchase at https://usuo.org/on-demand starting November 26.

Here are some suggested ways to make a Messiah Sing-in successful:

  • Make sure you have a stable high-speed internet connection at your Sing-in location.
  • Get the best audio quality possible by connecting to a home theater or public address system.
  • Use a television or projector to plug into the computer you are using to stream the concert. (Don't forget a VGA or HDMI cable.)
  • Participants typically arrive at a Messiah Sing-in with their own music score. If you would like to purchase your own choral score, here is a link to purchase the  G. Schirmer Messiah score or Baerenreiter Messiah Score from rivertonmusic.com.
  • You may view the full concert details by visiting http://www.utahsymphony.com